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...where the devil takes a whore and make her literally nothing but Tits and Ass:…

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Chapter 14: Maybe this Christmas by EvelioandZGroup

G: Hello everyone to the fourteenth chapter of Talking. Well Christmas is tomorrow and everyone is getting ready. Family and friends are coming together and celebrating this joyful time of year. Even the most bitter of people set aside their petty differences and become friendly to one another. Like this morning when I got a basket full of tomato's from Mr. Robinsons. I mean, sure I'm highly allergic and will blow up like a balloon if I even touch them, but I'm sure he meant well sending them over.

Anyway, in the spirit of the holidays I decided to set aside my hatred of a certain someone's stories and do one of them that goes along with the holiday spirit; with some sad part thrown into the mix. And to accompany me through this heart filled story is my good old friend Pen-Pen. So Pen, how have things been?

Pen-Pen: …. Je ne parle pas de vous.

G: Pen, please stop talking to me in incorrect French. Not everybody knows how to translate your words.

Pen-Pen: …

G: This is about the whole "Get lost" thing I said a few chapters ago, isn't it?

Pen-Pen: ….

G: Pen, please talk to me

Pen-Pen: Vous me cria de se perdre et disparaître. Il était totalement déplacé! Pourquoi voudriez-vous me faire ça? Pourquoi?

G: I didn't mean to yell at you. If I had known that it was you at the door I wouldn't have told you to go away.

Pen-Pen: Je suis toujours en colère contre vous.

G: Well, you won't be after this story. In fact, you'll be glad that i'm here with you right now.

Pen-Pen: Vraiment? Eh bien, ce que l'histoire nous la lecture qui pourrait me faire sentir heureux que vous soyez ici?

G: What? Okay Pen, you need to stop talking in horribly spoken french so i can understand you

Pen-Pen : Fine. I said what story are we reading that could make me feel happy you're here ?

G: A story of love, caring, heart, and appreciating everything you have, because you never know for just how long you may have it. So get ready Penny, because this is Maybe this Christmas.
In this EvelioandZGroup story it's Christmas time in Elmore once again, but not all is holly and jolly as a certain person we all know figures out he only has 'til Christmas before he dies.

Pen-Pen: Wait, what? Someone dies in this story?

G: Yes, but it's not the death that's important. It's the events that happen before the death that makes this story memorable. So let's not waste any time; let's dive into Maybe this Christmas.
We start our story with everything being well for me as a return home from a great day.

Gumball was walking home from school, it was December 21 2012. He was about to hit the hay and enjoy himself a nap and possibly have, yet another good day. As he's walking home, passing his The Robinsons, heading to the front door, and then he remembered. It was a snowy day, he wore a black trench coat and it fit him just so perfect that a lot of girls at school said that he looked "cute". He wiped his black boots that were still like shoes, but his feet were small and were bare feet. He needed to wear boots, due to the cold temperature. After he wiped his feet, he opened the door. He took off his coat and laid it to the coat holder. "Mom, I'm home." He was sure tired, after staying after school at the school's Christmas party. It was pretty good and Darwin left early when Rachel took Darwin to spend some time together. When he looked inside his house, there was nobody there to greet or even give Gumball a fellow hello. Gumball went upstairs to see if anyone was even home. As he's walking, he felt the warm heat from the heater.

As he went up and went through the narrow hallway and went inside his room to see if Darwin ever came back from Rachel's. When he opened the door, he got his answer. He saw his empty bedroom and an empty fish bowl. No one on top or on the bottom bunk. He slowly closed the door and went to Anais's room, but when he checked to her room, yet he got the same answer. It was beginning to seem like something out a homemade slasher movie. Later he went to his parents' room and still nothing. He then walked downstairs and was beginning to feel like he had been abandon. Then out of nowhere, a letter came in from his door's mailbox. He looked down and grabbed the letter, but he saw that it was addressed to Gumball and it was from the Elmore hospital. He was a bit worried, by that. He knew he wasn't sick but more scared if he may need shots. He went over to the kitchen table and opened the letter. He pulled out two sheets and it was Gumball's medical record. He was glad by it was just that and let out a big sigh. Though he decided to read it and something scared him, more than ever and he was beginning to worry.

G: This is where things get a little shocking.

Medical Problems: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Gumball wasn't a total idiot. He knew that he had cancer. It didn't make sense. How did he got cancer, but he knew one thing. He couldn't let his family see this. They would worry and feel torture of seeing the son that was dying of cancer, especially when cancer had the word leukemia. He doesn't know, but is sure enough that kids with that type of cancer have extremely low chances on surviving. Maybe living longer, but surely not surviving. He went up quickly and with the letter, to his room. He went and closed the door and went to his computer and went to his search engine and typed up acute lymphoblastic leukemia and surely he found a page containing the content of it. As he read more of it, he discovered some symptoms that made sense. The generalized weakness and fatigue, he was naturally weak, even for a boy. Weight loss at a rapid rate, it's no coincidence when he got fat, he lost all that weight quick. And it was more than once that he has done it, even with electro fat. Unexplained bruises, Tina may be strong, but can't give those kinds of injuries, except on their big fight. It had to be connected and surely he didn't want to read more.

G: The next three paragraphs is me coping with the fact I'm going to die, until I wake up after passing out on the couch to the sound of my mother's voice. After I wake up I mope about for a few hours before finally getting a grip and deciding that I should make the last few days of life worth living. So let's see what I do on day one of the last four days I have to live.

It was December 22 2012, the afternoon. Gumball woke up and realized that the temperature was now hot, even in winter. Gumball got up and was wondering what he was going to do. "Looks like someone had quite a sleep." Gumball turned to see Leslie, Penny's friend and cousin. "Well when you're a pioneer, you're gonna have to make use of what you got." "You're a pioneer?" Gumball felt like smacking Leslie for that kind of stupidity. "Yeah and I'm also the queen of England. No I'm pioneer, but it's kinda like a useful expression." Leslie shook her head in agreement.

Pen-Pen: Wait. So Leslie's a girl in this story? Or is he…she ….it. God, I'm so confused. Is he a guy or a girl?

G: No one really knows, but that's not important. What is important is what happens. Pen, do you want to do you want to do this scene?

Pen-Pen: I'll do it, but not because you asked me too. So Leslie brings in the voyaging cat as I wake up from bed and head towards the kitchen to see that Gumball is there. And like a fool I'm still in love with him, even though he doesn't feel the same way, but I don't know that.

G: So we all get into an awkward conversation until Mr. F comes along, but that scene where he comes in and talks to me , in my opinion, is of no importants. So I'm just going to skip it and go along with the rest of the story.

Pen-Pen: So Gumball decides he wants to leave, but is persuaded back and spends time with me and my family; even though he explains in two long paragraphs that he wants to leave and doesn't want to be with me. G, are you sure you chose this story to make me feel happy you're here, because right now I feel like kicking you through the window.

G: Give it time Pen. Give it time. You'll be balling your eyes out by the end.

Pen-Pen: Right. So anyway, more junk happens until me and the family notice bruises on his back and question why. Worried that we might find out about his critical condition he quickly leaves before anyone can gain suspicion. And then there's this whole section where Leslie is featured. But I don't really care. I mean, what's so sad about a flower that feels bad for Gumball *tear rolls down* just because he has cancer *Sniff , Sniff*. It's not sad at all.

G: Pen, are you okay. It looks like your starting to cry.

Pen-Pen: *Sniff, sniff* I'm n-not starting t-to cry. It's j-just allergies.

G: Okay. Well, if you say so. Anyway we go to scene where I meet up with Teri who seems to be depressed and hurt.

He decides to go talk to her, for he has nothing else to do on his day. He walks through the entrance of the park and it was snowy, as he is walking, he sees Teri up close and he saw misery in her eyes for what she's experienced. Or at least in Gumball's opinion and others wouldn't really care, but Gumball would care. As he gets closer, he starts to get a bit nervous because he and Teri haven't really connected and their first impressions weren't really the best since she slapped him, but Gumball didn't exactly felt that. Gumball knew that he was going to die, so it's now or never to talk to Teri. He then said hi to Teri, while she was on that lonely park bench. She turned to see Gumball, someone she didn't really expect to see on this day, or any other day. She said hi and Gumball asked it was going for her. "It's going alright for me." Teri's response felt not that truthful, but Gumball then sat next to her and they sat next to each other and sat with a moment of silence. Though Gumball decided to break the, quiet yet kill joy tension. "Any plans for Christmas?" Teri found that as a bit of a personal question. For he was just someone that she knew in school and wasn't really much of a friend. "Not much." She thought about something for a while, but shot down the idea quickly.

"Listen Teri, I'm not exactly your friend, but I couldn't help but see you a bit depressed." Teri was surprised that Gumball took the time to see Teri in her time of being alone. "Well, what's it to you?" Gumball thought for answer a while and had a response. "I just hate to see the fact you alone on a snowy day while others are having fun and I just thought that maybe you would like someone to talk." Teri turned to him and thought of him being serious since he isn't exactly a person you would call "responsible". "Well I'm fine so you don't have to sit next to me." "But I want to." Teri was completely caught off guard since most people would keep a moment of silence and then leave her be on that bench and left her with her loneness, but no. Gumball didn't want to leave her because, maybe he did care. "Look, nobody is forcing is you, you can leave." "I know, but I want to spend some time with you." Gumball felt that was a stupid response, even to him. Though that was encouraging Teri to give Gumball a chance, a chance to maybe let him into her business. "Well…d-do you really want to spend time with me or are you just feeling sorry for me?" Gumball thought about it, but at first it was that he was feeling sorry, but no, he wanted to spend some time with her.

"I really do want to spend some time with you, Teri…if you let me…would you?" Gumball gave a bit of himself as guilt like maybe he wasn't good enough to spend time with Teri. Teri smiled, "Gumball, do you want to make a snowman with me?" Gumball looked to her, by her carefully drawn eyes and gave her an answer when he saw her smile. "Yeah, I do." Teri smile's staid and she grabbed Gumball's hand and he started to have red cheeks. Was he seriously blushing? Gumball knew that he wasn't ashamed of that, nor did ever feel that. He went with Teri and she made a snowball from the snow on the ground and gave it to Gumball and she laid it on the ground and started to roll it, while Teri made herself a snowball and started to roll one as well. Gumball made the bottom and was as tall as him. He saw Teri a bit struggling, so he went over and helped, but she was smiling at him and he saw that his hand was on top of hers. Gumball smiled back. As they were rolling it, they made another big ball of snow, they both grabbed it and they placed it on top of Gumball's previous big ball of snow. Or how he referred to it as a "boulder" as his big ball of snow that Gumball made before. Teri then started to make another ball, but so did Gumball and their hands made a small ball with each other's hand. This time, Teri blushed. Gumball was just smiling at her and didn't care because it was just her way of expressing herself.

They both rolled it as a big head and Gumball and Teri were smiling at their work. Then Teri went to look for some pebbles and Gumball was looking for something they can use for a nose. Gumball then found deep within the snow, a bitten carrot. He thought it was good enough. He walked back and saw Teri with a couple of pebbles and she saw him with the bitten carrot. "Did you bite that carrot?" Gumball gave her a funny look. "Yeah I ate. Working in the snow and happen to find a carrot, in it was my idea for a snack." Teri laughed at that. Gumball couldn't believe it. He made her laugh and he never heard her laugh, though he thinks he may be the first one to ever hear her laugh. They set up the head of their snowman's head with a smile of pebbles with two quarters for eyes that Gumball used from his own money. He didn't care, it was money you spend and you earn, but this moment with Teri was something money couldn't buy. He smiled at her and they had their head's face, but Teri gave up her hat for their snowman's head. Teri had the head in their hands; it wasn't too heavy so she was able to carry it.

Pen-Pen: *Crying softly*

G: Pen, are you sure you're not crying, because your eyes look red and watery.

Pen-Pen: *whining* I'm fine *Sniff*. Just get on with the story.

G: Okay. Why don't we skip to the part where me and Teri are at the party at Rachel's house before Christmas.

The door opens, and it's Rachel who gets it while talking to someone. "No I'm not sure- OH MY GOD!" That's a first that Rachel screamed, for Gumball. "Come in! Come in!" Gumball did what she said, but was a bit scared by her, "reaction" of his being. "What's with the scream?" "You're parents said you ran away. I should tell them." That's the last thing Gumball wanted. "No." He said by grabbing her hand. "Let me." Rachel didn't know what was in his mind of his mental mind, but let it be. "Okay." Gumball looked and it was a pretty big party, but saw a stand, like for a band, but no singer. "Why don't you have any music playing there?" Rachel looked and remembered why. "Well, apparently the lead singer couldn't make it. You interested in singing?" Gumball smiled with an idea. "As a matter of fact, I am." Gumball went towards the stand and asked the band members to follow his lead when he told them to follow the Christmas beat. They got up and Gumball was about to sing, but first a speech. "Hello people." They all paid attention to him. He saw Jamie and Penny, getting along, but saw Teri, alone, not even paying attention. "This goes out to a girl named Teri…who could use the Christmas spirit." Teri looked when her name was called and saw Gumball. What was he doing she thought. As the beats start of Christmas start, he started to sing.

G: So I sing a few numbers to everyone's liking. As soon as the song ends Teri comes and plants me a magical kiss to remember.

Pen-Pen: After that they both go outside and sleep together in the cold by each other side. The next scene…*Sniff*...the next scene…*sniff, sniff* ; I can't do it. You do it. It's too sad.

G: Okay. Well, I don't want to say what happens in the next scene; so here it is for to read.
Hours past and the party were pretty knocked out. Teri and Gumball slept outside the front porch. They didn't feel cold because they felt warmth with each other. Teri slept onto Gumball's shoulder, and then she opened her fragile eyes. She looked and saw that her hat was back on her head. She saw Gumball still sleeping. "Morning Gumball." He didn't response. It felt strange that he didn't response; usually he would wake up easily. "Gumball?" She rested her hand onto his face and it was cold. She checked his neck and what happened shocked her. No pulse, she pressed herself onto his chest and she heard no heartbeat. "G-Gumball?" She started to tear up, but when she moved his head, his mouth slowly let out blood. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Gumball was dead. She ran to the house and alerted the others and called for help. Minutes came and an ambulance was taking Gumball away. They rushed him to the hospital. Gumball was dead, but his mental state was still on. He was dreaming. He was in a meadow with Penny, Leslie, Stephen, Jamie, and Teri, holding each other's hand and spanned into one circle and that was peaceful and Gumball knew he had achieved peace. Before he knew it, doctors were trying to bring him back by using a defibrillator and tried to bring him to live, but Gumball didn't want to be alive. He wanted peace.

Pen-Pen: So sad.

G: Yes Pen. Yes it is. The story ends with a scene depicting me as a spirit along side Carrie as we float away in the distance now forever In the afterlife. And that's Maybe this Christmas. How was it? Good, but depressing. The story arc was good in both plot, and delivery of action, but the event that happens –the event that we all know is going to happen- makes the ending scene all the more sad. Still, during the periods before that it was filled with love, family, friends, and everything that goes along with what Thanks-Mas Eve went with. It also has some good morals in there that people can take away from this story after reading it. All and all it was a good story. And that's my review. So Pen, How do you feel?

Pen-Pen: *Crying* The ending was so sad. I've never read anything that sad before.

G: So are you still mad at me for the whole "Get lost" thing?

Pen-Pen: *Sniff, sniff*….Yes.

G: Well, I'm glad you changed your…wait, what? You're still mad at me.

Pen-Pen: Gumball, just because I'm sad that you died in the story, doesn't mean I'll change my opinion on how I feel now.

G: But I did this whole story so we could just get over this whole thing. I just don't want you to be mad at me anymore.

Pen-Pen: Oh Gumball, just because I feel hurt now doesn't mean I won't forgive you later. I'll always have a place in my heart were I…. I love you.

G: Really?

Pen-Pen: Of course. I'm not that stubborn, that I stay on something for a long period of time. I'll always forgive someone, especially you. *kisses him on cheek*

G: Aww, thanks Pen

Pen-Pen: Anytime, G.

G: Well, that's it for now. Until next time, bye. And Merry Christmas from everyone here to you.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Chapter 13: The amazing world of gumball: Jose by joseblanco360

Gumball: Yes, I know that I just did this one a chapter ago, but my….p-r-o-d-u-c-e-r, Anter, is apparently close friends with Jose and wanted me to do the second chapter. Plus, Carrie, or Vex, as she's going by now, has been annoying me to do the second chapter; saying it's not as gruesome as the first. So, I guess I'm kind of being forced to do something I thought I was done with. Well, I guess it could be worse. I could be doing a cameo of someone I know coming in out of no-

Fish Fiend: Mmmm….. Hello, bro. What's up? I couldn't help but notice that you are doing the second chapter of an M-rated story and I couldn't just let that opportunity go to waste.

G: Darwin? What are you doing here? I thought you didn't like this kind of stuff.

Fish Fiend: Well, brother, to answer your question, first off I go by Fish Fiend now. Second, I live here; And third, when I decided to become a reviewer too I decided to go to a section of the archive that has its own "Unique" quality. And of course, since you're doing a story from that section, I thought it would be appropriate for me to come on over and review it with you. Plus, me missing out on any potentially bad horror and sex scenes to make fun of is simply un-heard of. So, does that answer your question?

G: Well, I guess. And I guess it's okay that you're here, and nobody else.

Vex: *Teleports in* What about me. It was my idea in the first place. I should be in this one too, my feline friend.

G: Uuuuuuuhhhhhh. I forgot you're here too. Fine. You two can both be in this one, but just this once. Got it!

Fish Fiend: Sure.

Vex: Fine by me.

G: Okay. Now that everything is under control, I guess we should start. So let's not waste any time; this is The amazing world of gumball: Jose chapter 2. This chapter ,in a way, picks up where chapter one left off.

Vex: Are you kidding. How it starts make no sense on where it left off. I mean, just take a look.

Jose got closer to gumball's weeping body. "Leave me alone.."Gumball whimpered
""Time for death!" Jose slashes gumball in his chest and a scream alarms his mother.

Vex: You see. You can't just add dialog as the first sentence of a story until you give a brief recap of where you left off at the end of the last chapter. Plus, where did your mother come from and how come this scream in particular caught her attention

Fish Fiend: Yeah, this scene is one big plot hole, and we haven't even gotten past the first two sentences.

G: I see what you guys are saying. It's kind of like all of doing something and then suddenly someone who hasn't been there just pops out into the story with no explanation. It doesn't make sense.

T-man: Yeah it doesn't. How does he expect us to by that?

G/Vex/Fish Fiend: *Looking at T-man suspiciously*

T-man: What?

G: Where did you come from?

T-man: Hell if I know.

G: Well, please leave now.

T-man: Why should i? I have just as much of a right to be here as you-


T-man: Aaaaaaaahhhhhh! *runs out of the room.*

G: Thank you.

Vex: No problem. Now can we get back to the story? There's still so much to complain about.

G: Okay, Okay. So, we continue our story with our "out of nowhere" character taking action.

As his blood drips on the floor,Nicole watterson spots the bloodied knife with her cat eyes. She then does a Bruce lee kick to Jose's face and he flew out the window,doing triple flips and faceplants in the concrete as his blood flows on it .

Fish Fiend: I didn't know we were on the top level of a building. Hell, I didn't even know we were in a building.

Are you alright"Nicole said as her injured,but happy son nodded,but sadly glared at darwin,with scratches.

G: Scratches? Scratches?! Um, I don't know how bad my mother's eye sight is in this story, but the last time I checked Darwin's heart was pulled out of his stomach and stabbed.

Vex: Plus, I would imagine the area being covered in a pool of blood. I guess this is just another one of those plot holes that won't be explained or expanded upon.

2 weeks later,the partners healed,but still remember thier friend's dark side. Suddenly,they see Jose in the hospital,being brought to the mental room as he acts more violent and insane. Then,he bites the donut officer in the arm and starts stabbing him in the face 8 times. As security surround him,darwin and gumball get disturbed while they put a straight-jacket on jose and lock him up.

G: Wait a minute. Darwin is suddenly back to life. Where did that come from?

Fish Fiend: Are you really asking questions at this point? I mean, Nicole comes out of nowhere and I magically come back from the dead. There's no point in asking to explain something un-explainable. You'll just get even madder when you don't get an answer.

The doctors said that poor Joseis suffering from a syndrome from one of his family genes. It was called PsYcHoMeNiA. They were shocked by the sound of it and went to the mental room to visit their not normal friend. His eyes were as if he was hypnotized,his straight-jacket was covered in blood,and he was stariting to get insane and eat some corpes like he was Hannibal then visits jose too,as he gets ever more violent. She shakes her head as she leaves with her scared children to home. As the two boys went to school,they told the story about thier friend jose,and shown the scars and bruises to show what he did to them. Students of Elmore junior high loved the story. On 10/27/2012,Elmore junior High took a field trip to the hospital to find the insane and demented boy in the mental room and learn the histories of him by professional doctors and psychologists.

Vex: I knew the teachers weren't the most watchful or caring for their student well-being, but taking them to an Insane asylum for a field trip . What the hell are they think?! Those people are freaking crazy. Don't take them to a place were people have weird sexual and gore filled fantasies. I mean, I wouldn't mind that much because that would be a personal heaven to me, but to everyone else it might feel like entering one of my soothing bedtime dreams.

G: You know, Vex, you are a very sick and twist person.

Vex: I know. And that's the way I like it.

But Jose might be back. But even more sick and twisted. In fact,he might kill 5 students as gumball,darwin,and their friends try to escape the madness…. Maybe... HE might be right behind you,holding a fire ax ready to strike you down and torture you like what he did to gumball and darwin.

Fish Fiend: But if you're anything like me you'll, if you die you'll just magically reappear in the next chapter even if you get your heart ripped out and stabbed. Because we all know that magic and careless editing triumphs over logic and common sense every time.

G: Well, that's the end of The amazing world of gumball: Jose chapter 2. How was it. To be honest, jumpy, bad, and…why? This story jumps over so many scenes that should be explained. Plus, there's so many thing that contradict what happened in chapter 1.

Vex: But, you have to admit that some section were authentic and real.

Fish Fiend: But you barely see them due to all the other non-sense that surrounds it. Plus, I still can't get over the fact that in the first chapter I brutally die, but in the second chapter after two weeks I apparently revive myself. I just don't see it ever happening, especially without some type of explanation.

G: Well, as a whole this story was-

Vex: O-k-a-y

Fish Fiend: Off

G: Bad. Well, that's the end of the chapter. Until next time; see ya.
...where the devil takes a whore and make her literally nothing but Tits and Ass:…

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