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Ah yes. A truly divine picture of two robots (I'm assuming) that stand in opposite world coming together to express their burning circu...

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As this is probably not the first critique to be written about this subject there is nothing i can really say that hasn't already been ...

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by AP-Lobo

The phrase "Love has no bounds.." is really put to the test when two species of pachyderm from different time periods come together and...

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Amy Rose may be seen as just a love-sick, annoying, girl chasing after Sonic most of the time, but she can really "Bring the hammer dow...

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OMG!!! I love Pinkie Pie and this pic really impacted me. the part that really stands out among everything else is the style of the mai...

Together by PixieCold

I am alway a fan of symbalism and this picture just strengthens that long lived love i have for it. The coloring pops out among other t...


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YAY!!!!!!!!........that is all.
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Chapter 2: Monday (Night)

‘Hundred twenty-four, ‘hundred twenty-five, ‘hundred twenty-six-

Nine O’clock. It’s dark outside and the wind is blowing against my window. Leaves twirl in the air as things are whisked away from my sight. I’m lying on my bed over the covers counting the seconds I stay awake. Something I do normally when my mind is racing ahead of my body. There is only so much I can do in a day after all. My body is weak and aches from the countless events that go on during my school experience and it needs to just turn itself off and have a good night’s rest, regardless of whether I’m asleep with it or not. My feet and legs are numb, my hands are plastered down on either side of the bed and my head was lying face up on the soft pillow. I was completely paralyzed.

‘Hundred thirty-two, ‘hundred thirty-three, ‘hundred thirty-four-

I couldn’t go to sleep. My mind was pondering on something that it just didn’t want to stop pondering on. Though, I’m not quite sure what that is exactly. Was it the dance that people keep talking about – a subject that I wish would stop flying over the whole diameter of the town like the hottest news story of the moment – because if it is, I don’t see why? It’s not like its sudden news that I just now know about it. Hell, I’ve knew about since I was six. Every kid in Elmore at one point in their childhood dreams of going. The reason, other than because the big kids get to go and if they go they’d be a big kid too, is nonexistent.  But nonetheless, you still know. It’s like the senior prom for middle school, only less hammy. Something like this just doesn’t seem to be a legit reason as to why I might be still up. So I keep contemplating why this might be.

‘Hundred fifty-six, ‘hundred fifty-seven, ‘hundred fifty-eight-

I manage to turn my head a small way to the right and look up toward the clear bowl being filled to the brim with the orange fish. Maybe my mind was stuck on what D had said, about his little decision dilemma. Hmm. That seems even less of what it might be. Sure. I do truly love my best bro that is and I do take his concerns very highly above anything, but in this instance, that piece of my life doesn’t fit the rest of the puzzle. Still, I do wonder who he’ll choose before the big event. Lord knows the last thing he needs is to either be stuck with both or have none at all. Now that’s a true nightmare that would keep anyone awake.

‘Hundred seventy-nine, ‘hundred eighty, ‘hundred eighty-one-

Perhaps then, it was just my one problem of not asking Penny to go with me. She is the only one who has ever made me want to stay up and remember my otherwise horrible day instead of going into my happy, secluded dream land. I should ask her. But she’s my girlfriend already, right? She knows she’ll have to come with me to dance anyway, right?  So why even bother asking? She knows I can be quite the romancing type when I want too. I’d swoop her off her feet and show her a time better than college keg parties. We'd be part of the universe. We’d be content and smooth, sliding on the dance for as we never break apart. We’d look into each other’s deep and passionate gazes as the music begins to slow down and the lights become an array of deep purples and blues, making the scene all the more perfect for when we come close and give each other a long, tender kiss upon our lover’s lips. That would be a time to savor forever. A time she knows she can have with me. So why ask?

‘Hundred eighty-six, ‘hundred eighty-seven, hundred eighty-eight-

I just lay there. Thinking over and over why this must be so difficult? Hey, no one said love would be easy, or so I’ve heard and am now experiencing for the first time. It just feels pointless to ask to be she has to come with me anyway. But on the other hand, what if me not popping the question makes her feel as though I don’t care for her enough to actually propose the idea of us going? I don’t want her to think I don’t love her enough to not even bring up the dance to her. That’s not me. That’s not ever me. I have to do this.  I have to. If I don’t, I’m putting myself in a hazardous situation. I need to go through with, or I’ll regret it; big time.

‘Hundred ninety-five, ‘hundred ninety-six, ‘hundred ninety-seven-

With my last thoughts coming to me as I start to finally dose off, my last question probably scared me the most out of it all: Will she say yes? It’s stupid to even think, I know, but mind wonders to places of irrational thought when I’m scared. Of course she’ll say yes. Why wouldn’t she? She has no reason to say no, at least none that I know of. It’s just me being paranoid. Nothing else to it. I should just let things happen and see where it takes me. My eyes start to close as my now endless counting starts to trail off into the night.

‘Hundred ninety-eight, ‘hundred ninety-nine, two hundred.
Just changed my name. 
2 days ago
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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 7:20 PM

Rylie: The Halloween season is upon us my friends, and as such I thought it would be a good idea to hold a contest to see whose OC would have the best Halloween costume along side me, Bessy, or Rags. 

For this contest to work, i'll need at least 5 contestants to enter or else this whole thing will be null and void. Even if you think your  not that good you should still enter. Sometimes, even the most horrid of artists get a break and create something good. So don't doubt yourself before you even try. You'll never get anywhere with that attitude. SO KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF!!!

Anyway, here's the rules:
  1. Picture must include me(Rylie), Depressy Bessy, or Rags (or all three) and 1 or more of your OC(s)
  2. All characters have to be in costume
  3. *ONLY APPLIES IF RYLIE IS IN THE PICTURE* Rylie must be a Mortal Kombat character (Any will do; even Freddy Kreuger from MK9)
  4. Your OC(s) can be anything you like, love, find interesting, find appealing, find sexual. ANYTHING!!!!
  5. If you feel as though your picture can be improved on, you can make another and switch them out before the deadline. Just do your best.
  6. Make it creepy! It is Halloween after-all
  7. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

That's about it. Just follow these rules and the following wondrous prizes will be awarded to the top 3 pictures that come up:

1st Place:
  • 200 points
  • 2 requests
  • Featured on my page for a week
2nd Place:
  • 100 points
  • 1 request
  • Featured on my page for a week
3rd Place:
  • 50 points
  • Featured on my page for a week
Rylie: Now that sounds like a pretty good deal guys. I don't know about you, but i'd be all over that more than my siblings being all over each other. And I think we know how that always plays out, so let's see how this plays out. Rylie, out. 

Contest ends Oct. 28 at 8:00 PM. Results on Oct. 31st. 



Contest Entry- Halloween by KaptainKat23

:rylie as scorpian by dametree00

Rylie's Halloween Contest entry!! by iroons


Contest Entry - Scary Hallowen by valen44able

  • Mood: Shocked
  • Listening to: Studio Killers
  • Reading: Fanfictions
  • Watching: Archur
  • Playing: Mortal Kombat
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Blood
So I was just randomly looking around on the gumballxcarrie wiki page when when I come across something. RAGDOLL HAS A LOVE INTEREST! Not only that, but apparently we have 2 kids too. HOW WAS I NOT AWARE OF THIS!?!? I don't know if this is real or not, but just knowing someone actually did something like that is awesome!

This made my day. I don't care if I possibly failed my history test. Just knowing someone out there loved Rags so much to make a family for him (and it wasn't me) is awesome. Granted, there's no picture depiction of them that I know of, but who cares? Rags is popular enough to warren this own family, bitches!
  • Mood: Shocked
  • Listening to: Studio Killers
  • Reading: Fanfictions
  • Watching: Archur
  • Playing: Mortal Kombat
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Blood

Street Conz: First Impression? c-r-e-s-h-modified.deviantart.… 

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1 character/Thing with no background-    5 points

1 character with background-      8 points

2-3 characters with no background-    10 point

2-3 characters with background-    20 points

4 characters with no background-    25 points

Dark Adult Gumball and Carrie by AntrB
Revenge: I'm Back by AntrB
Preview: Drawn Together: part 4 by AntrB
Will do pretty much anything except nude/sex art 

1 character with no background-     7 points

1 character with background-     10 points

2-3 characters with no background-    14 points


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